Dairyman's Daughter - Arreton

Main Road
Arreton, Isle of Wight
PO30 3AA
Tel: 01983 - 529361

Date of visit: 06 January 2012  - 16:00hrs

Accessibility for non-motorists:
Very good as the bus stop is only a two minute walk away from the pub

Rustic with a lot of vintage memorabilia. Has large seating area running along the middle of the pub but also an array of booths for some more privacy.

Large glass of House Red (Stowells Merlot - 13%)  - £4.10
Pint of Ringwood Fortyniner (4.9%) - £3.60

House Red Stowells Merlot
Ms K: "Very fruity flavour. Intense taste, cherry-like. Enjoyed every last drop.Would order again"
Mr P: "Smooth and rich taste. Would order again"

Ringwood Fortyniner

Ms K: "A strong taste of hop but very smooth. Would order again".
Mr P: "Strong taste, very 'hoppy'. Would order again"

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