Crown Inn - Shorewell

Walkers Lane
Shorwell, Isle of Wight
PO30 3JZ
Tel: 01983 - 740293

Date of visit: 06 January 2012  - 14:00hrs

Accessibility for non-motorists:
Very good as the bus stop is right outside the pub.
However, infrequent service and no buses from evening onwards.

Cosy and warm with a bar accessible from three different sides (where the seating areas are located)
There is also an outside seating area

Small glass of House Red (Merlot)  - £3.50
Pint of Fuggle Dee Dum (4.8%) - £3.40
Pint of Yates Undercliff (4.1%) - £3.40

House Red Merlot
Ms K: "The initial taste of the Merlot was slightly harsh, but it became "drinkable" with the next sips.  Would  not order again."
Mr P: "Nice, drinkable. Could take it or leave it"

Fuggle Dee Dum
Ms K: "A very strong perfume like taste, too overpowering. Would not order again".
Mr P: "Strong taste, very nice. Would order again"

Yates Undercliff
Ms K: "Mild citrus like taste, very refreshing. Would order again"
Mr P: "Very weak, tastes like water. Would not order again"

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