Bargeman's Rest - Newport

Little London Quay
Newport, Isle of Wight
PO30 5BS
Tel: 01983 - 525828

Date of visit: 22 February 2012  - 13:30hrs

Accessibility for non-motorists:
Approximately a ten minute walk from Newport Town center, which is the main bus hub on the Island.

Rustic interior with some comfortable chippendale style chairs. Main eating areas are to the left and right of the bar plus sufficient seating areas outside.

1/2 Pint of Marston's Smooth (3.6%) - £1.50
Ms K: "
Very smooth, an almost sweetish taste. Surprisingly refreshing - Would order again
Mr P: "Went down without touching the sides. Re-freshing tasteWould order again"

The Bargemen's Triple Delight - 12 oz Beef Burger with cheese, pineapple, bacon - 9.95
Plain Beef Burger - 8oz Beef Burger with added cheese and bacon - 9.00

Both Burgers were served in a bap with mixed leaves and chunky chips. The presentation was perfect, the amount of food on the plate plentiful but the taste of the beef burgers itself was not all that great, bland.
It may be down to personal taste but both Ms K and Mr P would have prefered the taste of a flame grilled Whopper...

Village Inn - Shanklin

Church Road
Shanklin, Isle of Wight
PO37 6NU
Tel: 01983 - 862514

Date of visit: 06 January 2012  - 18:00hrs
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Accessibility for non-motorists:
Very good as there are three different bus stops within a two minute walk away from the pub. Also, the main bus hub in Shanklin is only a five to ten minute walk away

A mixture of comfortable Chippendale style leather sofa's and wooden chairs. There are also three fire places and a beer garden out the back

Small glass of House Red  - £2.80
Pint of Amstel Lager (3.5%) - £3.65

Amstel Lager

Ms K: "Light and agreeable taste. Would order again".
Mr P: "Re-freshing tasteWould order again"

Mixed Grill with chips - £14.95
Pork Escalope with chips - £12.95

The food was excellent and plentiful. Staff very attentive and friendly.
The second time Ms K and Mr P went for a meal here and loved it.

Dairyman's Daughter - Arreton

Main Road
Arreton, Isle of Wight
PO30 3AA
Tel: 01983 - 529361

Date of visit: 06 January 2012  - 16:00hrs

Accessibility for non-motorists:
Very good as the bus stop is only a two minute walk away from the pub

Rustic with a lot of vintage memorabilia. Has large seating area running along the middle of the pub but also an array of booths for some more privacy.

Large glass of House Red (Stowells Merlot - 13%)  - £4.10
Pint of Ringwood Fortyniner (4.9%) - £3.60

House Red Stowells Merlot
Ms K: "Very fruity flavour. Intense taste, cherry-like. Enjoyed every last drop.Would order again"
Mr P: "Smooth and rich taste. Would order again"

Ringwood Fortyniner

Ms K: "A strong taste of hop but very smooth. Would order again".
Mr P: "Strong taste, very 'hoppy'. Would order again"

Crown Inn - Shorewell

Walkers Lane
Shorwell, Isle of Wight
PO30 3JZ
Tel: 01983 - 740293

Date of visit: 06 January 2012  - 14:00hrs

Accessibility for non-motorists:
Very good as the bus stop is right outside the pub.
However, infrequent service and no buses from evening onwards.

Cosy and warm with a bar accessible from three different sides (where the seating areas are located)
There is also an outside seating area

Small glass of House Red (Merlot)  - £3.50
Pint of Fuggle Dee Dum (4.8%) - £3.40
Pint of Yates Undercliff (4.1%) - £3.40

House Red Merlot
Ms K: "The initial taste of the Merlot was slightly harsh, but it became "drinkable" with the next sips.  Would  not order again."
Mr P: "Nice, drinkable. Could take it or leave it"

Fuggle Dee Dum
Ms K: "A very strong perfume like taste, too overpowering. Would not order again".
Mr P: "Strong taste, very nice. Would order again"

Yates Undercliff
Ms K: "Mild citrus like taste, very refreshing. Would order again"
Mr P: "Very weak, tastes like water. Would not order again"